Press Releases Bridges Worlds of Spa and Medicine With New Medical Spa Portal

NEW YORK, NY (March 31, 2004) −, the Web's most popular spa information destination, has launched a new website dedicated to educating consumers about medical spas, an exploding spa segment that offers expert medical and wellness care alongside luxurious spa treatments and services. With its new medical spa portal, Spa Finder is taking the industry lead in helping consumers learn about the wide-ranging services and procedures offered by the growing number of medical spas worldwide, while making it easy for them to find the ideal medical spa for their unique goals.

The new portal's consumer resources include: a glossary of medical spa procedures, search engines that allow visitors to locate medical spas by region or by treatments offered, expert medical spa articles, and links to credential databases and other consumer health education resources to help visitors make smart, safe medical spa decisions.

The term "medical spa" actually describes more of a phenomenon than a specific type of spa - the confluence of expert medical treatment and non-traditional, luxurious personal care. Medical spa treatments and procedures cover a broad spectrum but tend to fall into two general categories: "prevention/wellness" (including everything from executive health physicals to long-term healthy-lifestyle education), and "aesthetics/cosmetics" (Botox injections, cosmetic surgery, skin-resurfacing, teeth-whitening, etc.). These diverse services, in turn, can be delivered at locations that span the medicine/spa continuum - from doctor's or dentist's offices offering spa therapies to complement their traditional treatments, to relaxing spa settings that offer clinical medical services, like bone density scans or blood tests, as part of their overall wellness programs.

"What they all have in common is a holistic approach to health and beauty that knocks down the barrier between scientific - but often impersonal - medical procedures, and nurturing, wellness-oriented care," said Spa Finder Inc. President Susie Ellis. "The medical spa is an exciting new way for people to enjoy the best of both worlds - total well-being, inside and out."

Despite the medical spa category's booming popularity - it's the fastest-growing type of spa over the past five years - a recent Spafinder survey suggests that better consumer education could lead to even stronger growth. Most telling, only 46% of respondents, all active spa-goers, said they were familiar with the term "medical spa." And while most survey respondents agreed that they would expect to find a nurturing staff and superior service along with traditional spa services at a medical spa, there was little consensus as to what they think makes a spa or facility a "medical spa," and which treatments/procedures they would be comfortable receiving in a spa environment. Overall, however, the report paints a promising picture, pointing to the enormous potential of the category - and a general consumer readiness to embrace what medical spas have to offer.

"Medical spas are really just in their infancy - it's a concept that's still forming in most Americans' minds," added Ellis. "With the new Spa Finder medical spa site, our goal is simply to help people become familiar and comfortable with a resource that can change their lives."

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