Press Releases's "Spa Guide" Offers New Way for Spas to Connect with Potential Clients

NEW YORK, NY (July 24, 2003) − A vacation with the kids, a romantic beach getaway, a spiritual awakening: Every spa-goer has a vision of what his or her ideal spa experience might be. The time-consuming part has been finding a real-life spa that can make that vision a reality. That's recently changed, thanks to the introduction of's new "Spa Guide" search tool, which lets spa-goers instantly locate day and stay spas offering the activities, features and services that matter most to them.

"The spa experience has become enormously diverse, and spa-goers can have vastly different expectations and goals," said Pete Ellis, Spa Finder, Inc. chairman and CEO. "We're providing a self-targeting channel for spas to connect with incremental clients who may never have heard of a given spa, but know they want what it offers."

Visitors to's Spa Guide can research 21 special interest categories, covering specific activities (e.g., golf, hiking or Yoga), general programs (weight loss, mother/daughter programs, vegetarian/Kosher options, etc.), or more qualitative categories, like affordability or family-friendliness. When users click on a given category, they're instantly presented with a concise description of their area of interest, followed by detailed overviews of each of the spas that provide the experiences and qualities they're searching for. visitors can also conduct regional spa searches by zip code and the radius they're willing to travel, take advantage of exclusive spa travel discounts at the sites "Best Buys" area, or explore Spa Finder's Connoisseur Spa section to learn about the world's most luxurious spas.

"The premise of is that there's a perfect spa experience for everyone, whether that involves a traditional pampering or beauty treatment, Yoga or a day on the links - or even something really exotic like Native American sweat lodges or bird watching," adds Ellis. "Our job is to make it fast and easy to for spa-goers to locate and learn about these spas - and turn their 'spa fantasies' into 'spa realities.'"

To find your ideal spa experience, simply log on to and click on the Spa Guide tab.

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As the spa industry's only integrated marketing solution, the company reaches millions of targeted consumers annually via Spa Finder Magazine, the Spa Enthusiast, Gift Certificates & Incentives, and Having assembled the world's largest network of spas and the world's largest spa consumer database, Spa Finder connects consumers with their ideal spa experiences, whether they are looking to visit a local day spa or to embark on a vacation or retreat at a stay spa. Spa Finder currently represents over 1,000 of the world's best spas in over 20 nations.

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