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Advertisers Endorse Luxury SpaFinder Magazine With Big Ad Gains in '06

NEW YORK, NY (January 17, 2007) − With flat ad sales industry-wide, plummeting readership, and dozens of titles getting the axe, 2006 won't go down as a great year for magazines, many of which were forced to reduce their page rates in response to flagging newsstand sales. Against this industry backdrop, Luxury SpaFinder Magazine's 12% page rate increase for 2006 is all the more remarkable. And the improvement was even more dramatic for the magazine's annual Worldwide Guide to Spas, a consumer guide to thousands of day, stay, destination and resorts spas worldwide, which generated a 52% increase in total ad revenues versus a year ago.

"Our success is a reflection of the passion readers have for the spa lifestyle and its cross-currents of travel, fitness, beauty and wellness," said Luxury SpaFinder Magazine Group Publisher and Vice President Sara Greenwood. "With cutting-edge reporting on these and other compelling issues that touch the world of spa, we speak directly to a very interested audience with plenty of leisure time and disposable income - which affords a special opportunity and tremendous value for our advertisers."

Luxury SpaFinder Magazine launched in 2004 as a dramatically re-vamped upgrade to Spa Finder's 18-year-old flagship title, Spa Finder Magazine. The publication's broad editorial scope includes not only lavish overviews of the luxury spa experience at its finest, but also expert, objective consumer advice about new beauty products and cosmetic procedures and hard-hitting reporting on emerging health and medical issues. The magazine also provides spa travel cost-saving advice, home spa design ideas, a look at spa fashion, overviews of spa residences, and fitness/wellness tips.

"We're proud to have become such a valuable source for the growing numbers of people who are looking for a spa component to their leisure travel and, more generally, looking to the world of spa to improve their health, appearance, stress management and overall enjoyment of life," added Greenwood. "While other niche magazines segments are suffering from title gluts and flat readership, we're pleased to be in a clear leadership position in a booming lifestyle category that provides a great fit for a range of advertisers."

Indeed, the magazine's ad growth is tied to an explosion in spa-going, spa travel and, in turn, spa revenues. Luxury SpaFinder Magazine's parent company, Spa Finder, Inc., estimates that global spa revenues have grown nearly 44% in the past three years alone - from an estimated $27.8 billion in 2003, to a projected $40 billion in '06. Reflecting the growing mainstream appeal of spa travel, 54% of travelers recently surveyed by the Travel Industry Association (TIA) said they're currently interested in going to a spa or a place where they can relax and rejuvenate.

... Of course, before they make their plans, they'll have to check out the latest issue of Luxury SpaFinder Magazine.

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As the world's largest spa marketing and media company, Spa Finder reaches millions of spa enthusiasts via its award-winning website, The company publishes Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, the trusted authority on luxury spas and associated lifestyles, as well as its annual Worldwide Guide to Spas, the ultimate spa-goers' resource. Spa Finder also operates the world's largest spa gift certificate and incentive programs.

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