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Sign of the Times: There Are Now More Spas in the U.S. Than There Are Starbucks Worldwide

NEW YORK, NY (July 24, 2007) − The U.S. spa industry may have started as a niche business catering to an exclusive clientele, but today – in our aging, health- and beauty-obsessed society – spa-going has become an utterly mainstream pursuit. Case in point: There are now more spas in the U.S. market alone than there are Starbucks locations in the entire world.

The ubiquity of Starbucks has become a long-standing cultural joke (the “punch-line” being those surreal situations where two Starbucks stores are actually facing one another on opposite street corners). In fact, as of May 2007 there were 9,814 Starbuck locations in the U.S., including stand-alone stores and joint ventures (with bookstores, supermarkets, etc.). Throw in non-U.S. locations, and there are now 13,728 Starbucks locations worldwide.* … Yet there are far more spas. According to industry research conducted by Spa Finder, Inc., there were 15,699 spas in the U.S. as of mid-2007 – meaning there are now roughly three spas for every two Starbucks in America.

That’s a ‘latte’ spas!

… and navigating today’s crowded spa marketplace can be a major undertaking. (Unlike Starbucks, each spa is totally unique and most are privately owned.) Fortunately, makes it fast and easy to search through thousands of spas nation- and worldwide to find your ideal spa experience. The site’s advanced “spa search” function lets you search by spa type (day, hotel, destination, etc.), zip code, global region, brand, and a vast spectrum of available features and services – enabling you to quickly hone in on (for example) all spas that offer Ayurvedic Medicine programs, hiking, or even “Blackberry hand massages.”

So next time you’re looking for a little spa “pick-me-up,” go to and order up your ideal spa … faster than it takes to order an “iced venti skinny triple-shot no foam latte with easy ice.”

* Source: Starbucks Company Fact Sheet 5/2007.

Spa Finder Gift Certificates represent the largest spa gift certificate, gift card and voucher program in the world. They can be used toward any spa experience offered at more than 3,700 participating spas nation- and worldwide

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