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Spa Finder Gift Cards Now Available in Retail Outlets Across Canada

NEW YORK, NY (June 20, 2006) − Spa Finder, Inc., the company behind the world’s largest spa gift certificate program, has launched new Spa Finder Gift Certificates and Gift Cards for Canada. The Canadian Spa Finder Gift Cards will roll out at Staples, Jean Coutu, and Shopper’s Drug Mart stores over the next several weeks, and are available at Costco stores on a limited, seasonal basis. The new cards and certificates are redeemable toward any spa experience offered at a rapidly growing network of the finest spas across Canada and are designed specifically for the Canadian market, with bilingual French/English language and Canadian dollar denominations. The Canadian rollout is part of a strong global expansion of the Spa Finder Gift Certificate Program, which also includes the introduction of regional cards/vouchers in Japan and various European markets.

"With spa-going becoming an increasingly mainstream leisure experience, our gift certificate program is growing exponentially every year, resulting in millions of dollars in incremental business for our spa marketing partners," said Spa Finder, Inc. CEO Pete Ellis. " We look forward to continuing that success in Canada, a billion-dollar spa market with great spas and a vast geography that currently lacks a strong universal gift certificate that consumers can use at the spa of their choice." Ellis notes that Canadian spa visits increased nearly 20% last year while Canadian spa revenues grew more than 25%.

Canadian Spa Finder Gift Cards are initially available at hundreds of Staple’s stores and Jean Contu drug stores nationwide. More than 600 Shopper’s Drug Mart stores, moreover, are planning to introduce the cards next month. Spa Finder, meanwhile, has brought together a nationwide network of top-tier Canadian spas to participate in the gift certificate program, including Montreal’s prestigious AquaLud Spa Essentials.

"Through the years our Spa Finder partnership has allowed us to reach the vast worldwide market in ways that we never thought possible," said AquaLud Spa Director Roberto Randazzo. "We’re eagerly awaiting Spa Finder’s gift card and certificate program launch into Canada, and have no doubt that it will become an outstanding resource for anyone passionate about the day and medical spa industry."

The Canadian rollout adds to the fast-expanding network of North American retailers that offer Spa Finder Gift Cards. In the U.S. that network includes venues as diverse as Walgreens, Kroger’s, Staples, UPS Stores and even 7-11 convenience stores. With the addition of CVS pharmacies in late June, Spa Finder Gift Cards will be available in more than 30,000 retail outlets in North America.

In large part due to this rapidly growing retail presence, combined with surging corporate sales, Spa Finder reports that redemptions for its gift cards and certificates increased over 400% this past March versus March 2005, reflecting a significant spike in year-over-year winter holiday sales.

"Today’s consumers, even luxury consumers, expect to have access to gift certificates wherever they go - whether that’s Tiffany’s, the drug store, or even the corner convenience mart," adds Ellis. "With our gift certificates and cards, we make it easy for people to give a personal, luxurious experience - the gift of spa. It’s proven to be a very appealing gift option in every market and venue we’ve entered - to the point that printing the certificates and cards is becoming a bigger challenge than selling them."

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As the world’s largest spa marketing and media company, Spa Finder reaches millions of health conscious consumers via its award-winning website, The company publishes Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, the trusted authority on luxury spas and associated lifestyles, as well as its annual Spa Finder Worldwide Directory, the ultimate spa-goers’ resource. Spa Finder also operates the world’s largest spa gift certificate and incentive programs as well as the Spa Distribution Network, the Internet’s first online spa booking program.

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