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Spa Finder Helps Customers Shine Light on Sun Safety With Photosensitive “I Will Reflect” Wristbands

NEW YORK, NY (July 13, 2007) − You’re out enjoying a beautiful sunny day, when you suddenly realize that you forgot to apply sunscreen. You look down at your sun-ravaged forearm – and realize that it’s too late …

Sound familiar? Well now there’s an ingenious new way to help friends and loved ones remember to cover up – before the damage is done. As part of its multifaceted melanoma awareness and sun safety education campaign, Spa Finder, Inc., the global spa resource, is offering stylish UV-sensitive wristbands along with Spa Finder Gift Certificates purchases at 

The normally white bracelets turn an unmistakable shade of purple when exposed to harmful UV rays (better the wristband than your skin!), providing a clear visual reminder to cover up and use sunscreen. Emblazoned with the words “I Will Reflect” (the Spa Finder melanoma initiative motto), the wristbands come in an attractive box with a wallet-sized card containing basic sun safety tips. The package can be sent with a Spa Finder Gift Certificate for an additional cost of only $4.95 (covering the cost of production).

“It’s a great way to help people you care about make good sun safety decisions this summer and beyond,” said Spa Finder, Inc. President Susie Ellis. “You’ll also be helping to spread the word about the dangers of melanoma and raise awareness of this deadly but largely preventable disease.”

That, in short, is the mission of the Spa Finder melanoma initiative, which takes some innovative approaches to achieve its goals. For example, Spa Finder is currently working with spas worldwide to instruct therapists and aestheticians (who view and touch people’s skin every day and routinely recommend sunscreen to avoid wrinkles) to be on the lookout for melanoma’s early warning signs and encourage all clients to visit their physicians for regular mole checks. The company has also created a special web area at devoted to skin health education.

Spa Finder Gift Certificates represent the largest spa gift certificate, gift card and voucher program in the world. They can be used toward any spa experience offered at more than 3,700 participating spas nation- and worldwide.

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The world’s largest spa marketing and media company, Spa Finder reaches millions of consumers interested in wellness via, its award-winning website, and Luxury SpaFinder magazine, the trusted authority on the luxury spa lifestyle. In addition, Spa Finder gift certificates, which are redeemable at more than 3,500 spas worldwide, are available for purchase at more than 36,000 retail outlets across North America. The global spa resource, Spa Finder also publishes the annual Worldwide Guide to Spas and operates Spa Finder Europe and Spa Finder Japan, two native language websites showcasing relationships with local day spas, salons, and onsens. Founded in 1986, the privately held company is headquartered in Manhattan.

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