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Spa Finder Invites Spa-Goers to "Live at the Spa" ... Literally

NEW YORK, NY (June 08, 2005) − Since 1997 the spa industry has grown from a $2.1 billion dollar business into a $15 billion venture. The spa, meanwhile, has emerged as a powerful driver behind some of the world’s largest business segments—from travel and hospitality to healthcare. According to Spa Finder, Inc., the global spa resource, you can now add real estate to that list. Spa Finder reports that premier spa, hospitality and real estate developers are introducing a diverse range of residential properties nation- and worldwide that combine luxury living with a spa component. These hot-selling new "spa lifestyle real estate" properties are quickly transforming the spa from something you merely go to into something you can also live in.

"When it comes to luxury living, spas are becoming what golf courses became 30 years ago—a must-have amenity, providing aging baby boomers with their most important lifestyle requirements, namely health, wellness and fitness, pursued in a spa setting," said Spa Finder, Inc. President Susie Ellis. "The idea of living in a community where the spa and spa living are central holds tremendous appeal, particularly for a new generation of health-focused vacation and second home buyers; it’s an idea whose time has come."

According to Ellis, marquee spa/resort brands like Canyon Ranch, Wyndham Resort’s Golden Door Spa, Greenbrier, Red Mountain and Miraval are leading the spa residential real estate boom, providing diverse ownership options—e.g. full-time residences, condo hotels, fractional ownership, residence clubs, etc. - that come with access to spa services and programs. Some of the biggest names in luxury hospitality are following suit, including St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, and Four Seasons. Established high-end communities are also joining the game, including Saguaro Ranch in Arizona and Big Horn Golf Club in California, which has seen real estate sales skyrocket since adding extensive spa facilities. These companies, along with prestige builders such as Turnberry, WCI Communities, Ginn Company and the Trump Corporation, are all complementing traditional luxe residential amenities with "healthy living" offerings like hiking, spa cuisine, yoga, extensive fitness facilities, and wellness programs.

If spa living real estate properties are getting a hot market response in general, they’re generating particularly keen interest among Spa Finder’s affluent, health-focused consumer audience. A full 61% of respondents in a just-completed survey of Luxury SpaFinder Magazine readers and visitors indicated they would be interested in living in a community built around a spa facility offering spa programs and services to community members. Fifty-three percent, meanwhile, classified a spa as a ’"very important" residential amenity, while another 18% said a spa is a "decisive" buying requirement. Those numbers broke down to 55% and 23%, respectively, for fitness facilities. (In contrast, only 9% said golf was a "very important" amenity and only 2% designated it a "decisive" buying factor.) Overall, nearly half of the Spa Finder customers surveyed (48%) said they’ve considered the idea of purchasing a second home or vacation home, with about 10% indicating a "very serious" interest (i.e., they’ve contacted a broker/owner, researched properties, etc.).

Spa Finder Presents the First-Ever Online Marketing Program for Spa Living Real Estate and Adds Residential Spa Lifestyle Community Section to its Annual Spa Directory
In response to the strong interest among spa enthusiasts, Spa Finder has amassed a database of nearly 75 properties that offer, or plan to offer, a spa real estate component. Many of these properties will be showcased on, the Web’s most trafficked spa consumer site, with detailed property overviews (including amenities, residence features, buying options and pricing), as well as photos and real estate contact information. The company is also adding a "Residential Spa Lifestyle Community" section to its 2006 Worldwide Guide to Spas. Overall, Spa Finder’s spa real estate property overviews will have potential exposure to more than three million spa consumers annually.

"Spa Finder is excited to present spa residential living to the world’s largest consolidated audience of spa goers," added Ellis. "Our readers and web visitors obviously place a high priority on spa-going. We look forward to introducing them to a new breed of residences that lets them weave the spa and spa-related pursuits into their daily lives."

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