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Spa Finder Names 10 Spa Weight Loss Programs That Can Help Americans Become “Big Losers” in 2008

NEW YORK, NY (January 03, 2008) − Tens of millions of Americans have just made resolutions to lose weight and get fit in the new year, but if history is a guide, most will fall back into their old routines by March—especially if they attempt to “white knuckle” it alone. As this month’s America’s Biggest Loser couples series demonstrates, dramatic,sustainable weight loss is possible, but it requires not only will power and work, but also guidance, support, structure and education.

According to SpaFinder, the global spa resource, weight management programs are consistently the top “goal” category researched by visitors to And individuals looking to lose weight don’t have to be TV show contestants to find expert education and support. Spas have been specializing in healthy, long-term weight loss for decades, during which time they’ve introduced some of the most important concepts in diet, motivation and fitness.

SpaFinder has compiled a list of 10 excellent spa weight loss programs, including a range of spas to help consumers find the best fit for their budgets and needs. One thing you won’t find is barking drill sergeant types. While all of the programs involve diet and fitness – some at the boot camp level – there’s been a trend (noted by SpaFinder in its recent spa trends report) away from the spartan “fat farm” ethic of yore into an approach that weaves wellness, support and (particularly at the higher end spas) luxury into the experience.

Each SpaFinder weight loss spa takes a unique approach to the mission of weight loss, incorporating various modalities and disciplines, noted at the links below.

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SpaFinder’s 10 Spa Weight Loss Programs for “Biggest Loser” Fans


Cal-a-Vie – San Diego, CA

Known for effective, safe and motivating programs and special activity weeks, such as Cal-a-Vie’s upcoming weight loss week in June.

Golden Door – Escondido, CA
Acclaimed “Inner Focus” discipline couples the most current fitness techniques with ancient disciplines like tai-chi, yoga, and meditation.

The Greenhouse – Arlington,TX
Home of the ground-breaking “Fat Flush Residential Weight Loss Program” (detoxification of body tissues as the best way to jumpstart weight loss).

The Mayflower Inn & Spa – Washington, CT
“Iron Woman” program challenges guests with a boot-camp level of activities.

Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa – Aventura, FL
Nutrition, exercise, and mind-body health are combined; goal is preventing disease and promoting healthy, long-term weight loss.


The Ashram – Calabasas, CA
Rigorous one-week program where guests reportedly let go of 8-10 pounds in 7 days.

Bikini Boot Camp –Tulum, Mexico
Bikini Boot Camp Program includes beach and jungle power walks combined with body sculpting, power abs, swimming, meditation and more.

Fitness Ridge – St. George, UT
Very affordable weight-loss resort. There’s a one-week minimum, but many stay 30 days or more (making it very much like the “Biggest Loser” program).

The Hills Health Ranch – BC, Canada
Complete basic fitness and wellness holiday to kick-start a wellness program with a strong nutrition philosophy.

New Life Hiking Spa – Killington, VT
Weight loss retreat starts out with beginner nature walks, progressively challenging participants. Cooking classes, wellness workshops and counseling.

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