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Spa Finder Presents 2005 Visionary Award to Howard Murad, M.D.

NEW YORK, NY (February 28, 2005) − Spa Finder, Inc., the world's largest spa publishing, Internet, gift certificate and marketing company, has awarded its third Visionary Award to Howard Murad, M.D. Dr. Murad, founder of the Murad Medical Spa and creator of the popular line of Murad skincare products, was honored for his breakthrough work in the area of anti-oxidant/anti-aging skincare, and for his seminal role in establishing the medical spa concept. Spa Finder Chief Marketing Officer Sallie Fraenkel presented the award to Dr. Murad during a ceremony held at the Reed Spa Expo in Los Angeles. The Visionary Award is given annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the development of the medical spa industry.

"For decades, Dr. Murad has been at the forefront of a true skin care revolution, helping to guide us from a superficial, cosmetic approach into a new era of total skin health," said Fraenkel. "He was also the first individual to bring clinical medicine into the spa - a model that's now helping countless people live healthier, happier lives."

Dr. Murad founded the first medically supervised day spa, "A Sense of Self" (now the Murad Medical Spa), in 1988, establishing the blueprint for what has come to be known as the medical spa. According to Spa Finder's new Medical Spa guide, there are now more than 500 medical spas throughout the U.S., making medical spas one of the fastest growing segments in the spa industry. "Nearly two decades later, Dr. Murad's vision of offering medical treatments and services in a spa setting is exploding into the American mainstream," said Fraenkel. "It's a concept that's affecting positive change in both the worlds of spa and traditional medicine."

Throughout his career, Dr. Murad has helped pioneer a number of breakthroughs in the fields of skincare and dermatology. He created some of the very earliest cosmeceuticals, in the late 1980s. He was also one of the first doctors to formulate professional-strength exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid treatments, as well as one of the first to utilize antioxidants (including pomegranate) to treat environmental damage and the signs of aging and to stabilize Vitamin C to treat environmental damage and unwanted pigmentation. Because of these and other innovations, he is generally acknowledged as the "father" of Internal Skincare, which is based on formulating combinations of antioxidant vitamins and other nutrients scientifically targeted to specific skin conditions.

Dr. Murad has written numerous books detailing his skincare philosophy, including "Wrinkle-Free Forever," and recently debuted his program in his Inclusive Medical Practice, Next Generation Wellness Center, a dedicated state-of-the-art research facility located within the Murad global headquarters. His El Segundo, CA medical practice, the Murad Medical Group, has a patient base of nearly 50,000 people.

"It's difficult to imagine anyone who has sparked such profound changes in the way we approach beauty, health and wellness," added Fraenkel. "Spa Finder is proud to present our Visionary Award to a true spa industry visionary."

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