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Spas Go Macho

NEW YORK, NY (August 27, 2001) − In the not-too-distant past, the spa experience had been shunned by most men as being for the "girls." That’s a stereotype that is changing, according to Spa Finder, the source for spa travel.

Spa Finder Travel, which books the most spa travel in America, has noticed a distinct increase in men choosing spa vacations. In fact, according to the company’s call center, calls from men have increased almost 900 percent in the last four years. The spa industry has stepped up to the plate by blending more activities that men prefer, like hiking, rock climbing, golf and tennis, with spa treatments.

"Men are finding that spending time at a spa is not only relaxing and rejuvenating but can also be fun and adventurous," said Steve Buck, President of Spa Finder. "It’s no longer considered un-macho to indulge yourself with a massage or even a manicure and pedicure. Beyond the treatments is the plethora of experiences that spas offer both men and women, whether they’re looking for adventure, seeking peace and quiet, or on a quest to improve their diet and exercise regimes."

Just ten years ago spas were filled with women in pink sweat suits trying to shed pounds. Today, Spa Finder’s spa consultants estimate that about 30 percent of their inquiries come from men that want to lose weight and get their diet and fitness program in order. They also report approximately 60 percent are seeking a retreat that offers fitness and activities that will keep their minds off work so they can relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

According to Spa Finder’s Call Center, there has been a significant increase in men booking "solo" trips. This could correlate to the fact that spa travel offers single men the opportunity to meet other singles with similar interests.

Spa Finder’s spa consultants are available to help both men and women find their ideal spa vacation. Call 1-800-ALLSPAS or visit to get started.

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